Choosing the right colours to paint your walls

Choosing the right colours to paint the walls of your bistro is every bit as important as choosing the accompanying decor for your bistro. An obvious reason for carefully selecting the right colours to paint the walls of your bistro is in order to keep with or complement the theme that you have chosen for your bistro. There is little point in carefully choosing a theme and decor to match, if the walls of your bistro don’t marry in with that theme and help present a cohesive feel to your bistro. Ok, so you know that your wall paint needs to marry in with your theme. Now what? Well, there are other important psychological considerations involved in selecting the right colour wall paint. First and foremost you need to stop and take a moment to think about the kind of atmosphere you want to create in your bistro.

colour wheel

Do you want to foster feelings of love, peace, excitement or opulence in your bistro? If so, then you should consider the following colour choices and the feelings commonly associated with them:

Red- Red is a colour which is often synonymous with passion and excitement. It is a bold choice which might be well suited to walls in a sports bistro where competitive sports are often shown on tv’s and used to evoke all those feelings that are attached to sporting prowess and passion for games. It is often used in restaurants and bistros which feature cuisine from other countries, particularly from cultures which are known to be passionate in nature.

Blue and Green- are synonymous with calm and serenity and are often used as wall colours in restaurants or bistros which are nautically themed or which have calm and laid back decors to match.

Black- is a very bold choice which is quite modernistic and which also can evoke feelings of opulence, particularly if paired with a gold or otherwise decadent decor. Black and in fact all dark colour do however create a feeling of enclosing a space and making it appear and feel smaller, so this may not be a good choice for a small Bistro which is already limited in space.

White- Is a popular choice for wall colours as not only is it cheap, widely available and complements most decor choices, it can help to create a feeling of a larger space.

Grey- All shades of grey and beige are a popular choice for painting bistro walls as these colours share the benefits of white coloured walls in that they are light enough to create a feeling of space, without feeling stark or clinical. Moreover, they complement most decor choices similarly to white walls.

How to choose the decor for your bistro

There are many factors to take into consideration when designing and choosing the decor for your bistro. One of the first things you need to decide is what kind of ‘theme’ you want your bistro to have. Choose the right theme and then choosing the right decor to match that theme becomes a whole lot easier. But how do you choose the right theme for your bistro? Well, there a few things you need to consider. Firstly and most importantly, you need to think about who you your target clientele is. In order to work out who your clientele is, take a good look at your location.

Is your bistro located in an industrial area? If so, a sports bar themed bistro or bistro which is centred around serving good, hearty meals at reasonable prices, with a sold takeaway menu might be more appropriate. If, however, your bistro is located in a trendy up and coming neighbourhood with a younger demographic, a bistro that is rustic and minimalistic with a menu serving meals with a gourmet twist would be more appropriate (and successful) than a sports bar type of bistro. Likewise, a retro themed bistro might be an excellent choice for an area which would see lots of families as customers. Thinking about who your potential customers will be is crucial and it is important to not let your own personal preferences or biases cloud your judgement if your bistro is already located in an area with a certain demographic beyond your control. A good idea would be to form a focus group and have a small poll amongst friends and family of potential themes for your bistro.

Once you have chosen your bistro’s theme, choosing decor to match that theme suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. Recycled and retro items are very popular, even in modern themed, upmarket bistros. Mixing recycled or vintage pieces in with modern pieces can really give your decor an edge and create a unique feel to your bistro. A well decorated and themed bistro can be every bit as important as the food you serve, particularly in terms of drawing in potential customers from the street. A bistro with an inhospitable or unwelcoming vibe will only serve to turn customers away!