Keeping both the inside and outside clean

It has been a while since our last post, apologies as we were working on our other project. Anyways, we wanted to keep posting useful information to this site; in the hopes that it will grow to be one of the “go to” sites when it comes to top advice pertaining to the hospitality industry.

In our previous post, we talked about how important it is to keep your bistro clean with regards to keeping pests at bay. It can’t be stressed enough the importance of a hygienic eating place. Any sign of pests seen by the patrons is absolutely detrimental. It could make or break your business. Unfortunately, we have seen people close their business due to the negative public response after health officials declaring the place unhygienic.

It’s not just the inside of your premise, but the outside area also needs to be kept clean. This minimise the chance of pests entering the premise in the first place.

Keeping the outdoor area in tip top condition not only drive the pests away but it also attracts customers owing to its good look!

So how do you make it look good and make it pest resistant? The answer is liquid limestone blocks. Although it won’t be a 100% protection, for most places it would suffice. Due to their chemical composition, poured liquid limestone provides adequate protection against pest. It is also cool to walk on a very hot day.

Most people have never heard of liquid limestone, let alone know about their awesome features. Check out this website by SOS Liquid Limestone Perth in Neerabup (North of Perth), a company that has been operating for many years. Their website provide a good summary of what liquid limestone is all about. Believe us, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Apart from the benefits such as keeping the pests away and being cool to walk on, their sheer good looks alone will win people over. In fact, many people choose to install liquid limestone purely based on their looks and how it increases the value of your property – without even realising the “super powers” that it possesses.

Take a look at some real photos (courtesy of SOS Liquid Limestone Perth) and judge it yourself:






Based on the photos above what do you think? Why not post a comment below and let us know your opinions.

Perhaps you have other ideas of making your outdoor area look good and repel pests. Let us know. Share it with other readers.

To finish off, we’d like to re-emphasis the importance of the outdoor area. As we sometime like to say, a little bit of work goes a very long way.