This post is a shout out to all removals and storage company around the country. The inspiration came from a close friend of our web admin Amy who was “rescued” by her local removals company after she was suddenly her real estate agent didn’t renew her rental agreement. Not only she had the heartache of finding a new place but she also had to find someone to help her move her belongings and put some in short term storage. It is an understatement to say that she was desperate for help. Especially when the news hit her unexpectedly.

But as luck would have it, there was a rental vacancy two blocks down. But what is even more astonishing is that she was successful in her application. For many of you out there, you probably know that securing a rental property in this age is usually painfully difficult. The simple fact is that there are usually more applicants than places available. So earlier on, all the stars were lining up for Amy.

Words got around the office about her situation and before you know it, she got a call from her local removals and storage company offering to help her out; albeit the very short notice given. Most of us were in the office when her phone rang. She was pretty much in tears after hearing the good news. To most people, it probably wasn’t such a big deal. But what you have to understand is that different people react and cope with certain situations differently. In short, we can’t judge people but instead we need to be more understanding towards one another.

Anyways, the removalists came in early Sunday morning to transfer her belongings to the new place. On top of that, the removals company also offered free short term storage for her. The following week, Amy told the rest of us here about her excellent experience with this local removalists company. About how understanding they were and how accommodating they were with her requests. After telling her story, she broke down and cried. This brought tears to a few staff there. Her story moved us so much that we decided to share it with our readers on this site.

If you have any similar stories like Amy’s please comment below and share it with us!