In any place that serves food and it must keep cleanliness at an optimum level at all times. It is good for everyone’s health and safety and not to mention for business.

In regards to pest control here are some things to consider;

1. Keeping your floors clean

Every insect be it a roach, ants or beetle, starts from the floor. They can come in from any crevice, door jam and even the boxes that you brought the food in with.

It is imperative that you clean the floor thoroughly at the end of each day. That includes getting under work counters, roller carts and anything that has a space smaller than a 1/4 inch.

Using a strong cleaner such as bleach or a heavy industrial product will work best. While it is has not been shown to deter pest with odor but it does the trick in disinfecting the floor.

2. Food kept locked tight

This can not be overstated. When you leave any fragment of food out or loosely monitored, it will invite unwanted creatures to seek a meal. Canned foods or items that come sealed are generally safe. Items that come in porous material, such as cardboard, needs to be sealed in airtight containers, sealed in zip tight bags or refrigerated.

3. Cleaning the cooking surfaces

Often time the most overlooked area of a kitchen is the cooking apparatus. Stoves, burners, flat griddles. These areas are. once cooled, havens for bugs of any kind and even rodents.

This part of cleaning is cumbersome with all it’s nooks and crannies. However a good industrial non flammable spray cleaner will do the job nicely. While it is common sense that the heat produced here will undoubtedly kill off most germs, it is the fact that when it is clean it will become an area pest are not interested in.

4. Taking out the trash

This simple task will go a long way in ensuring pest do not come into your kitchen. However don’t forget that the work put into the dining room is important too. Food falls from tables all the time and if this trach is not cleaned and removed then all your efforts in the kitchen will be in vain.

5. Set traps in known entry points 

Despite all your efforts the fact remains that pest will always try to enter the premise. During off hours we suggest this simple but effective trick.

They are inexpensive but fly paper or a product that comes equipped with trapping glue, works great at doorways from outside, small cracks in walls, in front of cold storage units, windows and wherever the trash is taken. Then when you are opening simply remove the traps, monitor the areas where there is more activity and take steps to address it. Which brings us to your last step.

6. Hire a professional pest control company

Hiring a pest control company to monthly maintain your food service outlet is the final defense against unwanted pest. They are trained to determine weak areas to shore up, monitor rodent activity,

A professional company will rotate their products to avoid bug immunity and also will know what is safe for food preparation areas.

They should have safe methods in trapping rodents or even larger animals in your trash area. Removing rodents effectively will insure your customers will want to patronize and enjoy your food.

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