There are many factors to take into consideration when designing and choosing the decor for your bistro. One of the first things you need to decide is what kind of ‘theme’ you want your bistro to have. Choose the right theme and then choosing the right decor to match that theme becomes a whole lot easier. But how do you choose the right theme for your bistro? Well, there a few things you need to consider. Firstly and most importantly, you need to think about who you your target clientele is. In order to work out who your clientele is, take a good look at your location.

Is your bistro located in an industrial area? If so, a sports bar themed bistro or bistro which is centred around serving good, hearty meals at reasonable prices, with a sold takeaway menu might be more appropriate. If, however, your bistro is located in a trendy up and coming neighbourhood with a younger demographic, a bistro that is rustic and minimalistic with a menu serving meals with a gourmet twist would be more appropriate (and successful) than a sports bar type of bistro. Likewise, a retro themed bistro might be an excellent choice for an area which would see lots of families as customers. Thinking about who your potential customers will be is crucial and it is important to not let your own personal preferences or biases cloud your judgement if your bistro is already located in an area with a certain demographic beyond your control. A good idea would be to form a focus group and have a small poll amongst friends and family of potential themes for your bistro.

Once you have chosen your bistro’s theme, choosing decor to match that theme suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. Recycled and retro items are very popular, even in modern themed, upmarket bistros. Mixing recycled or vintage pieces in with modern pieces can really give your decor an edge and create a unique feel to your bistro. A well decorated and themed bistro can be every bit as important as the food you serve, particularly in terms of drawing in potential customers from the street. A bistro with an inhospitable or unwelcoming vibe will only serve to turn customers away!